By - markstirling

2TSustainAbility Still Operational Through COVID-19

DATE: 20.04.2020                             ISSUE:  2T-NAI-2020-003

2TSustainAbility is committed to ensuring we do everything to provide safe and healthy workplaces for all our employees and our clients.

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) our personnel and consultants will operate from home and apply social distancing measures to ensure they remain healthy and safe. Interactions with clients will only be through media such as email, internet, phone, video conferencing or other social media avenues.

Open For Business

  • Our business is open and operating in accordance with the guidelines
  • Our emails and mobiles are active.
  • Our personnel are fully equipped to work from home. We have remote access to computer systems including dropbox, SharePoint, emails and calls.
  • We have technology that will enable us to host/join teleconference via MS Teams, Zoom and Skype for Business. We are able to install other teleconference software as required.

Meetings / Visits

  • If site visits are required then our personnel will conform to all required COVID 19 safety and health practices, maintain high level hygiene practices and submit for temperature checks as required.
  • For any scheduled meetings, we will be in contact 1 or 2 days prior to confirm the format of the meeting (site visit or virtual).
  • Currently, none of our Western Australian team have travelled internationally or interstate in the last 14 days. Our team member can fill in any declaration prior to attend site if required.
  • Our Eastern States personnel travelling between QLD and NSW confirm to strict COVID 19 protocols and isolation requirements.


  • We are committed to delivering a high level of service and high quality deliverables
  • We understand projects are progressing under challenging times. Our personnel are available to assist with any requests.

If you have any project support enquiries, would like any project proposals or assistance with any business projects, additional WHS resources for project support or ongoing site work then please contact us via the link below or mobile (0400 967 698).

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