By - markstirling

2TSustainAbility to undertake Contractor Management Review

DATE: 28.09.2020                                ISSUE: 2T-NAI-2020-007

2TSustainAbility was successful in winning the tender to undertake a Contractor Management Gap Analysis for the Town of Port Hedland.

2TSustainAbility will undertake a review and gap analysis of current contractor management documentation and identify and opportunities for improvement.

The documentation review will be followed up by an organisational audit of compliance to the current contractor management process and the management of those contractors.

2TSustainAbility has extensive experience in contractor management and systems auditing services. For additional information on 2TSustainAbility please visit the Website.

For enquires about how 2TSustainAbility can provide services and add value to your organisation please contact any of the 2TSustainAbility Team below.

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