Business Continuity, Crisis and Emergency Management

Crisis events are always unexpected or unplanned and poor management of a crisis could lead to the downfall of a company.

The first hours of an incident are always the most critical and depending on how they are managed, the incident may be managed, avoiding escalation to a local, national or even an international event.

Understanding your risk profile is key to identifying potential crisis and or emergency type of events related to your organisations operations, activities and operating environment.

Businesses need to review their key processes and identify their critical points of failure in order to develop mitigation strategies and plans to ensure business operations can be maintained with minimal impact.

It is also critical to ensuring that your organisation has the right systems, plans, tools and training in place to effectively manage a crisis from start to end is critical to success. Preparedness is the key.

2TSustainAbility can develop, implement and train your management team, providing them with the capability to manage a crisis and if needed can provide additional support in a crisis.

Through our expertise and network of professionals, we offer Crisis and Emergency Management support in the areas of:

  • Business Continuity and Crisis Management risk reviews
  • Conduct and or review risk assessments and risk registers to help identify crisis and emergency type events
  • Training – focus on prevention and situational sensitivity
  • Help design a framework for business continuity, crisis and emergency management activities
  • Development of Crisis and Emergency Management Plans and supporting documentation
  • Crisis Risk Event based Simulation
  • Assist with Media and stakeholder management

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