The management of contractors and subcontractors is vital for any business to be successful and to ensure that health and safety, environment and quality standards are maintained, and that business reputation is protected.

Auditing, inspection and performance management of your contractors can ensure that your business health and safety standards and risks are effectively managed. Conducting annual or bi-annual preferred contractor health and safety management systems audits can provide the business with some assurance that its contractors are maintaining and continuously improving their health and safety systems and their application.

Ensuring you have the right processes in place for selecting, assessing, engaging, supervising and monitoring contractors and their health and safety performance and compliance, are key elements for successful contractor management and or successful project execution.

We can support you with the following:

  • Tender Submission health and safety management plan reviews and assessments
  • Auditing / reviewing of contractor health and safety management systems
  • Preferred Contractor / Supplier health and safety assessment audits
  • Site audits and inspections of contractor works
  • Contractor’s Subcontractor management and compliance
  • Development of contractor, health and safety, requirements for projects
  • Development of health and safety contractor pre-qualification questionnaires and assessment templates
  • Operational or Project - Contractor Risk Assessment / risk register reviews

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