The management of suppliers is a critical facet of any business in order for it to be successful, prosperous and sustainable. Ensuring your suppliers health, safety, environmental, quality and ethical sourcing performance and standards are aligned to yours is key to managing a large part of your Brand and minimising reputational risk.

Do your suppliers and or contractors practice sustainable manufacturing or processing? Are your suppliers or suppliers of raw materials to your suppliers complying with ILO conventions endorsed by Australia, including; child labour, health and safety, asbestos, discrimination and forced labour.

Having the right processes in place, from selection of raw materials and or contractors through to delivery of goods and services, is the right place to start. Assessment, auditing and performance management of suppliers, and their suppliers, helps ensure that your business and reputation remain in good standing.

We can support you with the following:

  • Supplier sourcing questionnaires
  • Supply tender submission evaluations and audits
  • Supplier waste management assessments and audits
  • Auditing / reviewing of supplier HSEQ management systems
  • Supplier Site audits and inspections of operations
  • Supplier supply chain management and compliance
  • Supplier waste management and compliance
  • Supplier risk assessment / risk register reviews

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