GPS Vehicle Tracking System

The GPS Vehicle Tracking system is an investment in the protection of your asset and safety of your personnel. The tracking system can assist with monitoring of vehicle and or plant safety compliance, fatigue management, journey management and remote worker emergencies.

The system can enable geofencing of areas and alarm when the asset leaves the designated area. The system can be programmed to shut down vehicles if required in the event it is stolen or misused.

The system can be run of both commercial mobile phone network and or satellite systems to ensure event those in remote locations can be monitored as part of their workplace safety requirements. Messaging and notifications can be built into the system for journey management and lone workers.

Local Government vehicle and plant fleets can utilise add on buttons to assist with community safety, infrastructure and road condition monitoring and reporting without the need to complete paperwork.

There are significant benefits for fleet management, local government asset monitoring and safety of personnel.

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Next Steps

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