By - markstirling

Integrated Management Systems Development

31.01.2020                                              2T-NAI-2020-001


2TSustainAbility’s is working with a Tier 1 Mining and Mining Services organisation to develop the framework and model for its Integrated Management System based around Quality to enable future accreditation for operations and key operational activities.

Based upon our management systems development knowledge, design and application experience the model should significantly improve the current organisational management systems by aligning to a single model and assist in removing unnecessary duplication silo management system thinking.

Applying an integrated model approach across an organisation should provide:

  • long term financial benefits;
  • more efficient use of support service resources;
  • improved whole of business thinking rather than silo approach;
  • alignment of business processes; and
  • meet accreditation for ISO or other industry related accreditation requirements.

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