By - markstirling

Introducing i365 Solutions

DATE: 20.04.2020                            ISSUE:  2T-NAI-2020-002

2TSustainAbility’s has extended its agreement terms with BeCloudSmart to include Indonesia and Thailand as part of its territory. 2TSustainablity is working on final details of an operational agreement with Paul Brider, based in Jakarta, Indonesia who will focus on driving the i365 Solutions business across Indonesia.

The i365 Solutions business will establish a website ( and focus on the following key areas:

  • Sales of existing BeCloudSmart Office 365 business APPs
  • Development projects for joint 2TSustainAbility and BeCloudSmart business and safety APP’s
  • Provision of Office 365 solutions and business process streamlining for clients

i365 Solutions is a 2TSustainAbility registered trading name established specifically for local and international Office 365 and BeCloudSmart business services.

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