Local Government Consulting and Support Services

2TSustainAbility is a local Western Australian based company, listed on the WALGA Panel for Operational, Audit and Compliance Services and Risk and Advisory Services. 2TSustainAbility has provided consulting services to a number of Local Government Councils and understands the importance of stakeholder management, council reputation and ensuring value for money for rate payers.

2TSustainAbility has provided special WALGA pricing for the majority of the consulting and services outlined below which are available to WALGA members. Councils who are not can request a copy from 2TSustainAbility by following the NEXT STEPS directions below.

2TSustainAbility has access to a network of professional consultants and specialists who can assist your organisation by delivering value add solutions and support.

A large number of Local Government entities are unable to afford full time personnel in Risk Management, Project Management or Workplace Health and Safety (WHS). Utilising 2TSustainAbility’s consulting and support services is a cost effective alternative.

2TSustainAbility is able to assist those within the organisation responsible for risk, capital projects, and workplace health and safety with development and implementation of Plans, Roadmaps and supporting systems, processes, procedures, training and supporting tools to meet regulatory compliance and organisational objectives associated with the management of risk.

2TSustainAbility can undertake assessments to provide a snapshot of the current status of the organisational Risk, WHS, contractor WHS management, injury prevention programs and project risks. We can provide a “Roadmap for the Future” for what the organisation should be looking to address moving forward. Depending on the scope of work, support may be required to address specific financial, legal, environmental or heritage risks.

2TSustainAbility can provide quotations / proposals for service related to the following Consulting and Support Services.

Non-Financial Risk Management Services

  • Risk workshops and reviews (WHS, organizational, operational and project risks)
  • Develop and implement of risk management system frameworks and preparation of supporting documents
  • Risk and Hazard identification and development of critical controls
  • Develop risk registers and risk management plans
  • Risk and hazard awareness training
  • Qualitative and quantified risk assessment
  • Technical safety and risk (e.g. HAZOP, HAZID and design and operations reviews)

Capital Project Management Services

  • Assessment / health check of organisational management, delivery and success of capital project program
  • Provision of practical tools and techniques for implementing changes / opportunities for improvement
  • Help deliver clear concise project scope definition and achieve on-time and on-budget projects
  • Help improve contractor delivery and compliance
  • Assist with project support from Council, community and the media

Workplace Health Safety and Environment

  • Develop WHS & E management system frameworks, improvement plans, procedures and supporting documents
  • Identify emerging WHS & E requirements and trends and business impacts
  • Train/coach internal WHS auditors/assessors
  • Perform assessments prior to certification audits (WorkSafe Plan, ISO, etc)
  • Safety leadership training
  • WHS Committee set up / structure / reporting / compliance / coaching
  • Health and Safety Representative (HSR) training, refreshers and workplace inspection coaching
  • Develop WHS & E awareness training and Induction packages
  • Development / preparation of toolbox talks
  • PINS responses, tracking and closure

Incident Reporting and Analysis

  • Provision of Smartphone based, paperless HSEQ reporting and analytics system (Salus)
  • Provision of Office 365 based APP’s for risk and safety processes for Tablet/Smartphone
  • HSEQ action tracking, trend analysis and reporting

Injury Prevention

  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Physical Demand Statement Assessments/ job dictionaries and reviews
  • Job redesign
  • Worker and management education and training
  • Manual handling training
  • Workers’ Compensation and injury management system development / review
  • Tailored injury prevention and healthy lifestyle programs

Contractor Health and Safety

  • Tender Submission WHS Management Plan reviews and assessments
  • Auditing / reviewing of contractor health and safety management systems
  • Preferred Contractor / Supplier health and safety assessment audits
  • Contractor’s Subcontractor management and compliance
  • Operational or Project - Contractor Risk Assessment / risk register reviews
  • Site audits and inspections of contractor works
  • Development of contractor WHS & E requirements for projects
  • Development of WHS & E contractor pre-qualification questionnaires and assessment templates

Crisis and Emergency Management

  • Crisis and Emergency Management Framework and operations
  • Development of Plans and supporting documentation
  • Training and simulation for Management
  • Business Continuity and Crisis Management risk reviews

Mobile Plant and Equipment VOC Framework

  • Developing / review (VOC) processes
  • Developing and or reviewing contractor requirements
  • Identifying mobile plant and equipment in your fleet to be included for VOC
  • Auditing contractor VOC processes
  • Developing VOC Assessment tools

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