Our Policies

Workplace Health Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Policy Reference 2T-POL-001

2TSustainAbility strives to provide a healthy and safe working and learning environment whilst complying with our moral and legal responsibilities. We view this as a prerequisite to successfully achieving our primary mission to provide consultancy services at the highest standards and that protecting our people and other assets ensures that 2TSustainability’s operations do not place the community at risk of injury, illness or property damage.

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Policy Reference 2T-POL-002

2TSustainability aspires to minimise its impact on the environment and maximise the effective use of resources and will strive to achieve this through increased communication and awareness of our efforts in accordance with this policy, whilst fostering responsible environmental behaviour amongst management, employees associates, consultants and our clients.

Risk Managemen Policy

Policy Reference 2T-POL-005

At 2TSustainAbility we believe that through effective risk management we can deliver better business outcomes, meet corporate governance requirements, enable informed and effective decision making and establish risk management as part of our culture.

Our expectation is that our people are risk aware and apply a risk-based approach to decision making. Our approach is to ensure that risk management is standardised, integrated into business processes and is applied across the whole of our business.

Organisational Expectations Policy

Policy Reference 2T-POL-004

2TSustainability aims to integrate a philosophy of sustainable personnel development into all the organisation’s activities and to establish and promote sound people management practices in our operations, whilst clearly defining both acceptable and unacceptable behaviours.

At all times, 2TSustainability personnel will behave in a way that reflects our Values; these being: We should live what we do – “Walk the Talk”, Honesty, Transparency, Creativity, Integrity and Professionalism.

Information Security Policy

Policy Reference 2T-POL-003

2TSustainability is committed to providing a secure, yet open information environment that protects the integrity and confidentiality of information without compromising access and availability.

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