Risk Management is a critical element for sound business management practice. Businesses that understand how risks influence commercial decisions, and the need to formulate business strategies to effectively mitigate key risks that may impact on business objectives, are fundamentally risk aware and better able to manage risk events and maintain the business’s license to operate.

2TSustainAbility follows the ISO 31000 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines to assist and support organisations in a systematic manner so they may effectively identify, analyse, assess and mitigate their risks.

2TSustainAbility has developed Risk Management frameworks for various organisations across different industries, from multinationals to medium sized organisations with enterprise, operational and project risk management. Our focus is on non-financial risk management whilst ensuring alignment with financial risk management criteria and processes.

We can help you with the following:

  • Organisational Risk Reviews
  • Risk Management Framework Development and Implementation
  • Develop Risk Management Plans
  • Enterprise, Operational and Project Risk Management
  • Develop Risk Registers and Risk Criteria
  • Develop and conduct Risk Management awareness training for management and employees
  • Development of Operational Critical Risk and Critical Control Programs
  • Facilitate Risk Assessments and Workshops, including projects and HAZOP's
  • Develop Risk Reporting tools

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