Safety Leadership

The Don’t Walk Past ® Safety Leadership training program is designed to embed a positive safety culture in an organisation or site, instil safety as a way of working and drive organisational change and improvement in WHS performance.

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Sustainable Behaviours

The Sustainable Behaviours Program brings together the key elements of Leadership, Engagement, Compliance and Responsibility. It includes the Don’t Walk Past ® safety leadership philosophy and incorporates an organisations critical safety rules.

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Health and Safety Representative

Elected and selected Health and Safety Representatives need to undertake a recognised health and safety representatives course and a refresher every 2 years to remain current with Regulatory compliance and their understanding of the regulatory environment around Workplace Health and Safety.

Personal Risk Assessment

A Personal Risk Assessment (PRA) is focussed on the immediate work activities to be undertaken by an individual and an assessment of the interaction of the tasks and the work environment. There are many types of PRA tools and processes such as Take 5, Take Time and so forth. The PRA training focusses on workers understanding what are hazards, hazard types, how to identify hazards and application of the heirarchy of controls.

Workplace Inspections

Health and Safety Representatives who conduct Workplace Inspections should be adequately trained to identify non-compliances, visible hazards as well as the signs of developing hazards in the workplace. The training also includes how to develop a workplace inspection tailored to the work environment.


Hazard Operability (HAZOP) study is a structured and systematic examination of a planned or existing process or operation in order to identify and evaluate problems that may represent a risk to personnel or equipment, or prevent efficient operation. A HAZOP is a design verification process that should be performed at the stage in the design process when all preliminary engineering is complete and the basic design has been fixed. 

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