Across nearly all industries, the percentage of workplace fatalities related to interaction with and operation of mobile plant, equipment and vehicles, is significantly higher than any other fatality classification.

Ensuring your organisation has a framework and processes for verification and validation of competence (VOC) for personnel operating mobile plant and equipment is paramount.

The process should include both employees and contractors, to ensure your organisation has a robust VOC process. Having a licence or ticket for a piece of mobile plant or equipment does not necessarily mean an individual is or has maintained a level of competence.

For example, a person obtaining a HR Licence has learned to drive a particular vehicle during their training; however, different vehicles have different types of transmissions, so gear changing can be radically different between vehicle types. The same applies with operational skills and working to Standard Work Procedures to ensure personnel operate equipment using the same methods, to the same standard.

2TSustainAbility can assist clients in developing the right processes and tools to meet your regulatory requirements with regards to VOC and lower your fatality risk around mobile plant and equipment use.

We can support you with the following: by:

  • Developing VOC Framework;
  • Developing and or reviewing VOC processes;
  • Developing and or reviewing contractor requirements;
  • Auditing contractor VOC processes;
  • Identifying mobile plant and equipment in your fleet to be included in the VOC process;
  • Developing VOC Assessment tools;
  • Identify training requirements for potential internal assessor(s); and
  • Provide coaching of Assessors on using VOC tools and conducting VOC’s.

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